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FAQs // Questions frequently asked by advisors and students


Where do I go to submit a photo?

To submit an entry to the Photo Contest, click here.


Do my photos need to be a certain size or format?

// Yes. Photos need to adhere to the following guidelines:
All photos must be 300 dpi and a minimum of 8x10 inches. File types can be jpg/jpeg, png or tiff/tif.


Why is the image size important? Do you really need it to be 300 dpi and at least 8x10 inches?

// Yes! Winning photographs will be used in print and online.
One of the most exciting opportunities for contest winners is to be showcased in the Jostens Look Book, our yearbook and iPad app about yearbooks. We cannot use photos that are less than 300 dpi for print purposes. In the Look Book, many of the photos are large so a photo up to 8x10 is appreciated. iPad retina displays also require big files.


Do I really need signatures from everyone in the photo?

// Basically, yes. 
You need signatures from anyone that is personally and substantially identifiable in the photo (including crowds and groups). Subjects that are minors must have a parent or legal guardian signature. 


Do I have to submit all my photos at once?

// No. Photos can be uploaded at any time during the submission period.
You can wait to submit your photos until you are sure that you have your strongest collection, but be sure to submit an application for each photo before March 1.


What if I uploaded photos a while ago but I can't remember which ones?

// You can see what you've uploaded. It's easy!
You can view your entries by clicking on My Applications on the left-hand side of the web page. Double-check your entries before submitting to be sure you are sending us your strongest work.


What if I get a great photo but I can't submit it by March 2?

// Sorry. This deadline is non-negotiable. 
We apologize, but we cannot accept photos after the website is closed.


Where can I see samples of previous winners?

// There are several places you can look.
The Jostens Adviser and Staff Pinterest page, the Look Book, and the flip book found here all have previous winners displayed.

View Canada winners here.


For Canada contest


How do I know if I should enter my photo in the Open/Creative category?

// The following techniques belong in the Open/Creative category:
In general, a photo is considered an illustration any time something is done to it using a computer program like Adobe® Photoshop® software that could not have been done in a darkroom. This includes using filters, altering colours, adding/removing objects or people, or combining photos. If the image wasn't completely captured with the camera, it most likely belongs in the Open/Creative category.


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